Principal Software Engineer

Full-Time in Portland, OR - Remote OK - Senior - Development

Who is SingleMind?
A Pacific Northwest company through and through, SingleMind is one of the fastest-growing digital design and development agencies in the region. We work with a range of companies to create compelling and elegant digital solutions (apps, websites, IoT, etc). Our mission is to help companies stay relevant in our modern world by using teamwork and collaboration to build, launch and scale new concepts and products.

Who we are looking for
We have an immediate opening for a principal software engineer with a broad range of deep and diverse technical skills who can collaborate with our technical leads and engineering team to provide architectural oversight and guidance to those they're working with. In addition to this, we're looking for someone who can jump in and write code; contributing to the features/technical tasks that are worthy of their seniority and critical eye.

This is a role that will often have you involved with as many as 2-3 client projects at a time, depending on their size and complexity.

Primary Requirements

  • Excited to work on engaging and interactive web applications on a daily basis
  • Confident and skilled enough to jump in at any level to help, whether that's front-end (UI), back-end (underlying logic, integrations, admin-related), or cloud ops (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Problem-solving and designing efficient data models
  • Working with services and APIs to bridge communication and extend features from other applications or services
  • Leadership and involvement in project-related meetings (sprint ceremonies like sprint planning/review; architectural planning)

Minimum Qualifications

At minimum, we're looking for someone who has 3+ years of experience with these technologies.

  • NodeJS
  • SQL, MySQL, and Mongo
  • At least one object-oriented programming language
    Choose from: Kotlin, Java, C#, C++
  • At least two component-based frameworks
    Choose from: React, Vue, Angular
  • At least one cross-platform framework
    Choose from: React Native, Flutter
  • At least one cloud platform
    Choose from: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

    The Ideal Candidate

    • Meets all the criteria above, and:
    • Is comfortable using Docker
    • Has experience with audio encoding and streaming software
    • Can work with a variety of JavaScript libraries and frameworks
    • Uses modern design tools as part of hand-off to engineering (Figma, etc)
    • Has experience with code repositories (usually Git; SVN rarely)
    • Ability to become proficient with new technologies quickly
    • Experience with serverless service architecture

    Your compensation will truly be based on your experience and how closely a fit to the above points you are. We're a profitable and growing company that believes in high tides raising all boats. So as the company succeeds, the larger your share of the profit and overall benefits.

    About Us

    We are a globally distributed team of professionals with the large majority of our team located in Oregon. We work flexible hours and operate as a team. Our clients range from small well-funded start-ups to large multi-billion dollar international companies. We truly believe in a balanced work/life ethic. SingleMind is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


    We offer a matching 401k, full health, vision, and dental benefits. Paid vacation and sick time. We conduct semi-annual company retreats (provided we can do so safely) to desirable locations allowing for some precious facetime.

    If portions of this job description really don't sound like you, then let's save us both some time. We want you set up for success in this role and after 15 years of doing this, we've found the above is necessary for you to be happy, engaged and eager to show up every day.